WordPress.com is the largest and most popular hosted WordPress service in the world. As part of Automattic I worked on various projects related to the WordPress.com NUX (New User Experience) and conversion optimisation tests.

Euromatticians Family Dinner - Florence
WordPress.com Team. Florence, 2014.

New User Experience (NUX)

The signup experience for any SaaS product is crucial, particularly for a consumer product relying on a freemium model.

I ran some of the earliest tests on the WordPress.com signup flows focused on creating user engagement with their newly created sites. Flows (desktop and mobile) and results are shown below.

This work eventually led to the formation of a fully-fledged team focusing on NUX improvements.

Conversion Optimisation

For a few months I set up and led conversion rate optimisation tests on WordPress.com’s highest trafficked landing pages including the home page and top paid traffic pages like /create.

Because of the high traffic numbers I was able to run tests in very short periods with multiple variations on a regular weekly cadence. Tests focused primarily on copy, page length, and layout.

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