Redgate produces tools for developers and database professionals. I worked for Redgate as a designer and as head of user experience for four years.

Redgate offices. Cambridge, 2012.

Product Design

During my time at Redgate I contributed designs and research work to several of their products, most notably the SQL Compare and related suite of products.

I conducted over a hundred usability tests and interviews on real products and on prototypes or mockups.

I was also the lead designer on the game changing feature called “Migrations” which linked their flagship products together to form the basis of version control for database structured and data.

Web Design

I was lead designer and project manager on the first major website redesign Redgate undertook in several years.

Besides being a fun design project, it was an exercise in internal politics and consensus building.

The current website has (thankfully) moved on but below you can see the basic change.

Conversion Optimisation

I also introduced split testing to the marketing team and ran an abundance of tests on landing pages, ads, download pages, and shopping cart.

Below you can see a few of the results.

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