Short project producing direct response copy for a promotion landing page focused on cloud migrations.

This was a small project which is no longer online. You can however see the raw final copy below.

Move to the cloud with Rackspace — the global market leader.

Lean on two decades of experience to ensure a smooth transition.

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We don’t just offer “rack space”.

We bring a battle-tested process that helps you deeply understand what you want from the cloud, assess the true cloud-readiness of your existing infrastructure, and execute a watertight migration plan that waves downtime goodbye.

Dedicated to your business success

Rackspace provides cloud hosting, storage, and infrastructure that enables your scalability, reduces your IT costs, and helps you meet the strictest compliance and security standards. 

Organisations that turn to us become more agile and responsive to customer needs. They deploy changes faster without worrying about hardware upgrades. They execute marketing campaigns flawlessly, without traffic and scalability issues.

Enabling this kind of success is why Gartner named us a 2019 Global Leader in the Public Cloud Providers category.

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We already know your industry

We have experience that runs deep in almost any industry you can imagine and we’ll bring the full weight of our knowledge to ensure you meet your business objectives.

Rackspace is relied upon by governments, universities, manufacturers, retailers, media organisations, digital agencies, hospitals, energy companies, and nonprofits across the globe.

We’ve helped organisations of all shapes and sizes successfully migrate to the cloud.

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The Rackspace Process

Our approach has been tried, tested, and refined with thousands of customers over two decades. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Initial free consultation

    One of our expert Rackers will talk to you in detail about your specific needs and give you a no-obligation quote. We’ll help you make sense of the various cloud options available to you.

  1. Cloud-readiness assessment

    Our assessment process helps you understand how well your applications, data, and infrastructure are prepared for transitioning to the cloud with minimal disruption.

    Together, we’ll find answers to the following questions:

    • Are your applications designed in a way that facilitates deployment and replication?

    • Is your API infrastructure optimized for resource allocation able to scale up on demand?

    • Are your applications small enough to enable continuous deployment and maintenance?
  1. Choosing the right cloud platform

    Completing our assessment makes it much easier to work out which of the following approaches is best for you:
  1. Public cloud
    Pay-as-you-go scalability that reduces your IT costs and is ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic.

  2. Private cloud
    Greater levels of control and security ideal for mission-critical applications and disaster recovery scenarios.

  3. Hybrid cloud
    Our proprietary RackConnect services enables full interoperability — a mix (hybrid) of public and private clouds.

  4. Multi cloud
    RackConnect also provides compatibility between cloud providers so you can spread your applications between AWS, Azure, Openstack, VMWare, and others. 
  1. Migration planning

Our Rackers will evaluate your current workloads, server configurations, security needs, and compliance requirements to reduce the impact to your organisation as you move to your new infrastructure.

We’ll design an appropriate migration strategy based on your applications, databases, storage, and your chosen destination environment. Then we’ll execute and migrate to the cloud according to the plan.

Deployment always includes rigorous testing to detect latency, expose application bottlenecks, and determine the limits of site performance. We’ll also test user scenario sequences from simple page loads to logins and dynamic content.

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Zero downtime for your switch is always our objective

By aiming for excellence on this one critical metric, everything else falls neatly into place.

Our commitment is based on our understanding of what really causes downtime. You may find this surprising but technical knowhow isn’t the main cause.

Downtime on a cloud migration tends to happen when:

  1. You incorrectly assess the cloud-readiness of your applications and don’t take the necessary steps before migrating.

  2. You have an incomplete picture of what your migration plan should include and end up running into unexpected hitches and delays.

Our battle-tested process will get you to the cloud with minimal disruption to your organization and to your customers.

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Talk to the leading cloud provider

Rackspace is recognized as the global leader in cloud infrastructure managed services because of our unbiased expertise and 20+ years of proven results.

Our expertise ranges from provisioning and scaling public, private, and hybrid cloud setups to ensuring compliance, security best practices, disaster recovery, and enterprise resource planning.

Our team of 6,000 Rackers reliably deliver these products to everyone from the largest government departments to the smallest digital agency. 

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